Sunday, March 22, 2009


For the last three weeks, I have been on the road speaking, training and consulting. I was in eight airports, six cities, and six different hotels. Now before you start feeling sorry for me, I want to explain how I approach this kind of travel.

As the time approaches, I scurried around my home and office getting things in place for I know my stops at home along the way will be brief. It is necessary to think ahead about the bills that need to be paid and projects that need attention in the future.

I approach each trip as an adventure. Clearly, there are interesting people for me to meet and things to learn. I research the Chamber of Commerce sites of the towns I am visiting to see if there is any kind of special event going on in the area. If not, I look at the attractions in or near the cities, I will be visiting. For example, when I headed down to Glendora, California, I realized Huntington Gardens was not far away. The Huntington Library is the home of the original “Blue Boy” and “Pink” and the gardens are spectacular.

Packing has become pretty routine though I have learned to try on a new combination of clothing before I pack it – including the jewelry that would work best with the outfit. I have it down--can now pack for four days in an overnight case. Trust me that is a real accomplishment for me.

The day I begin travel, I start with a swim no matter how early my flight is – I know actual exercise so far has not been built to my on-the-road schedule. I wear something on the plane that is comfortable and classy---learned long ago I am treated well if I am dressed well.

In order to make all the waiting bearable at the airport, I have bought a Priority Pass that allows me to use the lounges of most airlines at the airport. Makes a huge difference when you get your feet up and in most lounges, there is free internet access to catch up on emails.

Time to get on the plane. Fill my aluminum bottle with water for there is never enough water for me a plane. In order to keep my ears/nose healthy, I take a decongestant and Afrin nasal spray. Lately, I have been using earplugs for the small planes….makes ones world much quieter and they say it helps with the air pressure.

Then it is time sit back, relax and get out the magazines that I have been meaning to read or continue reading the biography that peers into the lives of people who have lead fascinating lives.

So there you have it—Kathy Condon's preparation routine for travel.


If you are trainer, make sure you bring both regular markers and whiteboard markers. Invariably, either the venue doesn’t have them or they don’t work well. Better to be prepared.

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