Sunday, March 29, 2009


Last Saturday, I joined a group of Rotarians that had a task--Plant 50 trees along a hillside to prevent erosion in one of our local parks. Last fall we had gone there and planted many native plants and trees right at the river’s edge. It was fun to see some of the leaves coming out on those early plantings.

Experts were there to show us to plant the trees. We learned that there are different techniques for planting evergreens and deciduous trees. There we were dumping trees out of pots, partially filling the holes for the evergreen because they do not want to be planted as deep as the deciduous trees. Then placing them so they were not crooked and filled in the remaining soil.

Turns out the sod that was broken when digging the holes, needed to be turned upside and formed into a little channel on the downside of the hill around the tree base. Held the water better so it could soak. Then a final sprinkling of dirt covered the sod.

Nothing like stepping back and seeing the results of your efforts and knowing it will make a difference for our environment.

Learnings of the Morning:

1. It is great to ask a friend to go with you – she was pleased with what she learned. She was a big help. The conversation afterwards over a cup of coffee warmed our bodies and our souls.

2. Early Saturday morning we had accomplished something and we had gotten fresh air.

3. Great to spend time out of meetings with Rotarians…lots of smiles and joking with each other. We also met their friends and family members.

4. A confession--until last fall I never been to Leverich Park, here in Vancouver , WA. What a treasure I have been missing!


If you do not know the answer to a question, do not pretend that you do. Instead say, “I don’t know the answer to that, let me check and then I will get back to you”. Then, of course, your creditability depends on your getting back to them with the answer.

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