Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night an announcement came up on a LinkedIn group about the time and date of “Latest and creative approach of building your network- Speed Networking”. Good thing I had overnight to think about this before I wrote this blog—I’m calmer now.

Now we are speeding up our personal interaction. In my mind/world, I think that is really sad. With technology, gobbling up more and more time the need for inter-personal communication is growing. Then we come up with an event that makes sure we do not have time to really connect with a person.

It is my personal belief that if you go to a networking event (Look for a place will you learn or have fun), you should not plan to meet more than three people. Networking is about building relationships. It is my experience people are really bad about following up with three people they have met. Imagine trying to follow-up with 20 or more.

My recommendation:

1. Find an event will you will learn or have fun.
2. Plan to meet three people.
3. Start conversations with a question:

What great thing happened to you recently?

Great piece of jewelry does it have a story behind it?

Come up with one that fits your personality…key is listen to the answer so you can ask the next question.

Send a handwritten note to the people you met and include your contact card (formerly called business) In my mind, that is how you start building a relationship.

PS Be sure to put the person’s contact information into your home contact program – One never knows when you will need the information about people you have met and developed a relationship.


If you haven’t joined the world of social networking, I would like to suggest that you seriously consider it. We do not know where this all going, yet I can already see using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter together I am getting my name out there and new opportunities are surfacing.


  1. I did some speed dating events before when I was single. They were actually fun. My friend organized them. I met some great people. They key was to follow-up the people who you had rapport with for a coffee etc. Couldn't speed networking work the same way?

  2. That is the problem, most people do not follow up with even three people they meet and start building a relationship with. My view speed dating is different--you know right away if there is rapport.