Friday, August 07, 2009


There is no place in the world that is not an “idea resource” for my blogs.
Recently, I made a decision to add articles to my blog twice a week. One of them will be personal stories, which lets people see how I live my life--experiences that often are the source of great renewal for me. The second one will be oriented toward my profession of writing, speaking, and training.

Today it is about my profession:

While reading through some of the questions on LinkedIn, I learned a way to focus on ideas for our blogs. Ultimately, we want to drive traffic to our website. Personally, I have answered many questions on LinkedIn and I was reminded I can expand my answer for a blog.

Another way to share information on your blog is to break down your own subject expertise into 250-300 word blogs. When you are speaking and training, you have your presentation broken down into segments. Don’t hesitate to share an article about the segment.

Worried about sharing too much information? Think about it, do you really think a 250-word blog is equivalent to the segment you train for two hours? My belief is that you will get the reader interested in your work and he will want to learn more about you and then will go to your website.


Carry a notepad with you so you can write down the email address and/or the phone number of a person you have connected with that did not have contact cards (business cards).

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