Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My friend, Kim, was on a mission. She needed new merchandise for her stores called “Mario’s of Palm Springs”. We left Palm Springs, coffee in hand, and settled in for the two-hour drive to the garment district.

She had made this trip many times, so I sat back and enjoyed the scenery. This was the first time I had gone to Los Angeles without being the one to drive. It was interesting watching the temperature change, first warm, then cooler and windier, and then just pleasant as we parked the car.

Kim was on a mission. She knew exactly what stores she wanted to visit. As we entered the first one, the owner greeted her with a big smile. There I was standing among hundreds of garments. You want a slinky tank top? Imagine seeing hundreds of them (all different sizes) hanging together. Color? Your choice of probably about 10 different colors. Of course, there were matching skirts, slacks and jackets.

While Kim was putting together an order, I looked at things with a new eye. I discovered a couple of things that I thought would be great for her store. She looked at them and said, “I believe you are right. Good we’ll add that!” It seems we were working pretty well as a team.

Now the hunt was on for a stylish sweater. We headed to a store around the corner. Once again, the owner greeted with her a smile. It was interesting to watch the interaction—he was showing her new things and “why” he thought they would be good for her store. There it was the perfect sweater. She added them in three colors to her order.

Next stop, a jewelry store. As many of you know, I am always on the hunt for unusual jewelry. Kim sells a great deal of jewelry and her supply had been diminished. In addition, all of a sudden she was getting requests for pins.

Now let’s talk about jewelry. Imagine a store entirely full of costume jewelry. Earrings were arranged by color….thank goodness. (Interesting to note, I have wanted red, longer earrings and even here, there were only a couple of pair in the deep Christmas red).

Kim grabbed a basket and was able to move through the aisle at a great speed. I was so overwhelmed by the selections, I spent my time just looking and marveling at the wide-range of colors and styles.

Next stop, scarves. Yes, I know I am in a warm climate. Remember her clients come down here from cold places and they will be looking for holiday gifts. Let’s see what color of scarf would you like? How wide? What kind of fabric?

I looked at scarves that are perfect to serve as blankets and pillows on airplanes. Kim hadn’t thought of that as a selling point, so again our two minds working together were coming up with some new ideas.

As we walked out of the last store, and put many of the purchases in the car (Many of her purchases had to be shipped). I was feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, Kim was full of energy and pleased about how the morning had gone.
As an Executive Coach, it was great to see Kim flourishing and energetic in her chosen profession.


If a person spends any amount his/her business time giving you some advice, send him a handwritten note. You are honoring him and his time. Trust me you’ll will be remembered with a smile.

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