Thursday, October 01, 2009


Many years ago a retire Army General told me one of his favorite ways to keep organized. He labeled file folders 1-31 and kept them in the bottom drawer of his desk. He started his day by pulling out the folder. In it were reminders of items that he was to follow up on that day.

When you are meeting people, often they will say, “Would you call me after the 8th? “ I make a quick note on my notepad “Call Jim after the 8”. That note goes into the file #9.

Personally, I would rather make the note on a hard copy. I find it distracting when someone pulls out his Smartphone while we are in the middle of a conversation, scrolls to his calendar and then enters the information. Personal interaction is becoming more and more valued. I would rather save that time for real interaction.

The folders also serve a depository for your airline tickets, theatre tickets and that all -important jazz concert. No more wondering where you put them.


Pick up the phone and make an appointment with someone you would like to get to know better. Suggest a coffee spot near her office so she can have a break from her routine.

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