Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have never liked Halloween. My sister and I have talked about it and we are not sure why this holiday is our least favorite of all of them. We suspect we never really felt part of it because were raised 11 miles out in the country in Wisconsin. There wasn’t trick or treating in our neighborhood.

Now I found myself in a new environment. Kim, who has taken me under her wings many times, decided she was going to have a Halloween Party. The determining factor was that her friends from Vancouver were arriving on the 31st and they are totally into Halloween.

Therefore, I was trapped--for the first time in my adult life I had to come up with a costume. I knew I didn’t want to be scary, I am not into political figures, didn’t want to be an animal – the list went on.

Once again, garage sales came to the rescue. As we pursued our Saturday ritual of garage shopping, I spied the piece that would be the centerpiece of my costume. It was an amazing silver dressy hat. The minute I saw it, I knew it was perfect. I have been blessed with the ability to put on any hat and have it look right. The exception is a baseball cap—No really it is true, just ask my friends that once I put on a baseball cap they grin and say, “You’re right, it doesn’t work”.

Okay, I had the makings of a great costume. I was going to be a flapper! I mentioned the idea to my friend; Molly and she said, “Kath, I have the dress for you –complete with all the fringes”. A week later, the dress and some great fake long pearls and choker necklace arrived. I put the dress on – perfect fit.

I arrived at the party and Kim was astounded….she couldn’t believe my hat. Actually, a great hat that has NOT been relegated to the costume department. I’m thinking I can wear it some place for dress in the future.

Each time the door open, walked in people who had transformed their looks. Pilgrims arrived, a cowboy, the Blue Brothers, a farmer, a nurse –everyone had gotten into the spirit. Our host who normally has long beautiful blonde hair appeared in a red wig. Her red dress that she said was suppose to be reminiscence of fire (Just for the record that was a stretch) completed her look as the devil.

There was wonderful food and lots of laughter. Okay, I changed my mind. When you are with good friends, any holiday can be truly fun.


When you are leaving your phone number, make sure you say it slowly and give it at least twice. Then the person receiving the voicemail does not have to listen to the message again to make sure she has written down the correct number.

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