Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When I moved to Palm Springs, to work a project my routines were quickly eliminated. Exercise routine changed, and finding things became an interesting detective pursuit. All the touchstones of my life had been changed.

The first thing to go was my connection through social media. Before I moved here each day, I had been spending at least some time on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Now for some reason, I felt that was something that I could do later.

A check of my Google Analytics proved that visits to my website and blog had dropped. There was only one logical conclusion to come to---I wasn’t participating in the world of Cyberspace.

Lessons learned:

No matter what, figure out a way to go to sites and contribute. Note, I said contribute – Idle chatter about your day will not cause people to want to know more about you.

Keep your messages short and crisp. Recently articles are being posted that would require you go get a cup of coffee and settle in for the next 10 minutes to read them. People just don’t have time to read long articles on line.

Constantly keep your mind open to things that you can post of interest. When you are involved in social media, your whole environment is a resource of information that would be great to share.


Recently learned about Pokens --- the new contact card (business card). I am thinking this is one of the great new innovations in transferring our contact information.

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