Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It has gotten to the point that when you call someone, and she actually answers it is a surprise. No question emails and texting are becoming our major mode of communication. Frankly, I do not see us going back to using the phone as our main mode of communication. Generation Y lives by texting and their parents know that is how they can get their children’s attention. This generation is having a major effect on our communication modes.

However, some things help strengthen telephone communication.

When leaving a message:

Always identify yourself. Your family members often sound alike so make it easy – start with your name. “Hi, Donna, this is Lisa.”

State the reason why you are calling.

State when you will be available.

When leaving your phone number, speak slowly.

Repeat your phone number twice.

While talking to someone:

When you are talking and there is a phone call coming in, just keep talking. Your ID caller will tell you who is calling. Call them back after you have finished. Remember you were thrilled to have the person answer your call in person. Keep the focus on your present conversation.


Ask more questions. Do not assume your customer knows all about your product. Check in with their understanding. A few extra minutes, one-on-one, will help your customer AND it illustrates you truly do care about them as an individual.

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