Sunday, July 11, 2010


When my daughter was an exchange student years ago, we communicated by sending weekly letters. There was no email, and phone calls to Belgium cost 30 cents a minute.

This same daughter lives and works in Belgium. Yesterday, I got a phone call from her smart phone from the hospital informing me I am a new grandmother. The reception was crystal clear and I could hear the nuisance in her voice letting me know that she was okay.

When I told her I really wanted to see a picture, she said “Okay, Mom I’ll send one from my smart phone”. Less than an hour later I was viewing this precious new member of the family stretched out in her cubicle right beside her Mom.

That same night, the new baby’s great aunt, who is just coming back home Beijing, was on Skype anxious to know the details about the latest addition to the family. How wonderful it was to see her smiling and excited!

You can say all you want about how technology is stopping interpersonal communication. However, today, technology truly helped me feel connected. I can hardly wait until I will be able to interact with my grandchild on Skype in the years to come.


  1. Anonymous7:47 AM


    It looks like you are a fan of technology and know how to use it to enhance relationships. Like many things in life, we can use technology in a way that strengthens family bonds as you have or we can let it get in the way of connecting with those around us if we are not careful. Thanks for sharing.

    Chris Paulsen

  2. Chris...have to admit it takes some creativity to use technology effectively to build relationships..yet, I have made it a goal so I'm going to keep at it.