Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A fascinating aspect has changed in my life. Gone are the days that I can work at home and forget the makeup and fixing my hair when I have a day to work at home.

Living in a higher end condo complex means that the residents maintain their appearance when they leave their own unit. My girlfriend jokes that when we go shopping how often I will say, “This will be great for wearing around the house”. Rules such as no bathing suits with no cover-up on the way to the pool are strictly prohibited.

The attire I wear in the complex is not the issue. Skype is the real change agent for me for each morning, it runs through my mind, and “Who will be calling me on Skype today?” I know you can turn it off and I do that on occasion. However, if you had a daughter with a new grandchild living in Belgium with a time difference of nine hours, would you risk missing the moment when your daughter has time to jump on for a few minutes?

It is with this in mind, the shower is taken early, hair fixed and makeup applied as soon as I have had my coffee and read the local newspaper. Yes, I read the newspaper, besides receiving my news online. I teach networking. You would be amazed and what you can pick up in ads and little tidbits tucked away in obscure locations on the pages.

Skype means we are visually available at any given moment if we stay online. Do I consider this a bad aspect of the technology? Not at all. I have never stayed in my jammies and bunny slippers all day. Now I just prepare for the day more deliberately and sooner.

Skype is changing our world and is improving communications. At last we can visually see a person’s body language, which is 55 percent of communication. Changing my morning routine is a small price to pay for the benefits Skype brings to my world.


  1. I agree! technology bring us closer regardless time and destination. I like skype too, it is much cheaper than phone call, especially with the 4G phone you can actually skype using your phone.

  2. Hey Kathy,
    I saw a link to your blog from the linkedIn bloggers zone. I thought I would stop by and check out your blog.

    Concerning Skype - I think it is essential. I wouldn't dream of not having it active on my computer for the entire day. I use it for personal, for business, and for constant chat (instead of email in many cases).

    Another application that I use a lot is Twilio. I set up some pretty sophisticated business phone accounts for clients on a cost effective basis.

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  3. Hi Kathy,
    We don't really think of Skype being a social media tool, however, I use it all the time..I love it for chatting.