Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Professional Pictures Improve your Image

After an eight-month stint working in Palm Springs, CA, my appearance had changed. My hair was lighter, for one thing. The fun factor seemed to pop out much more frequently, too, as it’s easy to become more of a free spirit when you have bright sunshine every day.

Once I returned home, I noticed that my professional picture seemed so structured and dark. It had been two years since I’d had one taken. Because I was preparing my new website, it seemed to be the perfect time to take the leap and have a new photo taken.

It was time to find the “right” photographer…

The first person I asked was Brandie Kajino She replied with a big smile and said, “You have to use Kate Singh of Aevum Images —she’s terrific.” Since Brandie and I are in a mastermind group, I knew she was looking out for my welfare.

I contacted Kate through Facebook. Shortly thereafter, I got a call from her and we proceeded to interview each other. We set the date and location. We planned to get the pictures taken at the Grant House here in Vancouver, WA, on the veranda—trusting that it would be a sunny day.

Kate asked me to bring different sets of clothing, and she reminded me not to wear anything that would clash with the color of my website. Never would have thought of that on my own.

I made an appointment to get my makeup done at Nordstrom I contacted a girlfriend, who is an artist, and asked her to come along for the shoot. I knew she would keep my hair, clothing and everything else nice and neat through it all.

The sun shone brightly on the morning of the photo shoot. Perfect, for I was determined not to have a usual background—I’m not known for following the rules.

It took a village to get the new photograph on the top. I’m thinking it has a little more personality than the one below it. How about you?


  1. You just look so gorgeous and more of your bright happy self in these new photos. :)

  2. Hi I am new to your blog. I would agree with you that professional pictures make a lot of difference to your image. Your new look makes you look like a completely new person!!You look gorgeous and very professional. I like your blog as it's very easy to read. Some blogs use so much jargon that it puts off people from reading them.

  3. Great look, Kathy, and timely article. I prefer being the one to hold the camera, but you make me ready to reconsider :)

  4. Brandie without your recommendation of Kate, it wouldn't have been take yet.

    Mini..thanks for the compliment about my style of writing....flows much easier when I am myself.

    Mary....Yup, worth the time, funds and efforts...go for it.