Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Improving Communications with Batchbook

Guest Blogger Brandie Kajino

I'm a small business owner and consultant. I have clients I need to keep track of, which can be a challenge. I looked around and found many different flavors of contact management systems. Oh sure, I had an address book, and even a spreadsheet to keep track of where I was at in the follow-up process with client leads. I was also doing my best to keep track of communicating with my current clients. I was failing miserably.

It's not that I didn't want to have better follow-up. I just couldn't find the right fit. Many of the big players in the CRM ("contact record managers") software arena were way more than I needed on a daily basis. This year, I found Batchbook, and we are happy partners these days. Let me tell you why:

Visibility. I know when I talked to a contact, a copy of the email and any other documents or communication I sent out to this person (attached to their record in the virtual world). It's all in one place, instead of spread out over spreadsheets, searching through my email "Sent" folder and other hidden away corners of my workday. I open the record, and I know what
is going on with Suzy, and if it's time for me to get back in touch with her.

Improved communication. Batchbook made it simple for me to get in touch. A click or two helped me send an email, which is then logged in their record (my account is also associated with my Google Apps for Business account). I wasn't guessing or going by some feeling I had about the last time I had let my client know I was thinking of them. Even better, if I told someone I would call them in a couple months, I didn't have to try and remember that in my busy mind. I just make a note in Batchbook to call them, set the date and know I will get a reminder to
call. So easy!

Improved client relations & continued business. I also found more diligent (and purposeful) communication made it easier for my existing clients to do business with me as well. Many times after sending a note to check in on how things are going, the client would call or email back shortly after thanking me for contacting them. They would also mention they had been thinking about the work we had done, and were ready to book another appointment. This was a huge revelation to me. By keeping that relationship going, we both win.

I guess the lesson I took away from all this was: Keep the communication going. This product helped me keep a very important piece of my business running efficiently: improving communication with clients, leads and partners. It was the right fit for me!

"Brandie Kajino is a small business technology expert, consultant, author & dynamic speaker. Empowering clients with information, tools, technology and simple solutions is her specialty. For more information on her services, products, podcast & internet radio show and free resources, visit http://www.sohosolutionist.com/ "


  1. I run a small business, and I too find the task of keeping up with clients and documents to be a challenge. I really like the Basecamp project management system. For tech guys like me, it organizes all files, research docs, etc on an encrypted server. You create accounts for your clients and share information project-by-project.

    Of particular importance to me, though, is the styles of communication we use. I work with a variety of individuals, to put it lightly, and a lot of them are very... colorful. I found this article and it really got me interested in learning more about the communication styles of my clients:


    I've successfully identified one of my clients as an "escape artist" and find him a little less abrasive now that I'm conscious of his style.

  2. Thanks, Greg for the information on the contact management program. You are right it depends on how one wants to use them. I keep trying out project management system--I keep forgetting to put in the steps :-)

    Totally agree with you there are different styles of communications--thanks for attaching the link--Good article.

  3. Brandi, EXCELLENT!!! You are always such a delight. Thank you for the great information. Managing multiple clients on my own can be challenging when you are using so many different tools without any integration. Thank you, Kathy, for continuing to showcase such value in your posts over and over again. I am excited to spend some time with this new application.

    Shelly Fleming
    Fleming Marketing Group