Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kathy's Connection

Executive Coach/Career Facilitor Speaks at 2006 Seattle Workforce Conference

Since I teach networking/connecting with people I used what I teach. The Keynote Speaker opening the conference was Joe Estey. I went up to him and extended my hand and said "Hi Joe, I am Kathy Condon." He smiled and said "I know about you -- glad to meet you, Kathy."

It turned out that Joe lives in Vancouver, Washington about 4 miles from me. He is a national motiviation speaker that got the conference off on an energetic note. Since then we have connected and we are having coffee next week.

Next I went to a breakout session being given by Barbara Russell, President of the National Career Development Association..the Association that granted me my Global Career Development Certification.

I had communicated with Barbara before, yet because the national headquarters is in Oklahoma, I assumed she lived back East. I extended my hand and said "Hi Barbara, I'm one of your GCDF's. She smiled and said "I know, Kathy, I have been looking forward to meeting you for I read your articles all the time."

It turns out that Barabara lives 15 miles from me in Battle Ground, Washington. She had been watching me from very nearby and I wasn't even aware. Barbara and I sat in the hotel lobby for over an hour and half talked about ways we can work together in the future.


When going to conferences, be sure you introduce
yourself to the speakers and workshop presenters. One nevers knows what one will discover--often it means important partnerships.

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