Monday, October 16, 2006

Kathy's Connection


I am so fortunate for I have such a varied career. I write and have many opportunities to have articles placed in various ezines, magazines and continuously come up with updated information for my upcoming book "It Doesn't Hurt to Ask."

One-on-one coaching provides me with that all important person-to-person contact. There is nothing better than being a position to really listen to an individual and reflect back what you are hearing and help them learn the patterns they are repeating that might be preventing them from moving forward.

My "Identifying Your Talents" process has helped hundreds of people get on track. Interesting that my clients are usually over 40 years old and up and they have decided their present career path is not what they want to do the rest of your life. Nothing better than hearing from a former client how happy they are on their career path that truly uses their innate talents.

Helping people with their resumes and interviewing skills is so rewarding. The hardest part is helping people understand a resume is like learning another language--they shouldn't expect to know how to do it on their own.

Training -- I am fortunate to be hired, frequently, in my own community to teach my various topics. Twenty-one years of connecting and building relationships in my community is proving to be a wonderful benefit to my career. In addition, I am truly helping people in my own community.

Training/Speaking out of state. Many people received my Weekly Wisdom (You can obtain it by signing up on my website) and read that I received a three-year contract with California State Department Of Mental Health. Then the emails started arriving asking if I was moving to California. The answer is no. The training in CA are usually for one day -- so I go down the day before and fly home the night of the training. I am fortunate to speak and train throughout the nation --- Yet, Vancouver, WA is my home.

This week I did spend extra time in Sacramento --- I met all the other trainers that are part of this three-year contract. Some of them have been friends for years. It was also time to connect with new individuals and learn about their area of expertise. I have been to asked to stretch and develop some new training topics -- I'm delighted to accept the challenge.


When traveling I have a goal to see how many of the employees at the airport I can make really smile. Keep in mind many of the employees are doing the same thing over and over again. When you ask them about their day or compliment them on something, you will note how their own body changes.......Someone truly cares about them as an individual. Keep in mind they are the ones that keep our travels flowing much smoother. Finally, it is fun!

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