Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kathy's Connection


One of my favorite programs is the Small Business School hosted by Hattie Bryant. Here in Vancouver, WA it airs at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon on the Oregon Public Broadcasting Station.

Hattie finds business owners that have grown their companies to outstanding organizations -- ones that care about their employees, contributes to the community and focuses on the future.

Last week, there was a line that caught my attention. "You
have to keep your eye on the future for if you don't others
will pass you." With that phrase in mind, I took time off this
week to really think about where I am going and what is it that I really want to do.

I smiled for I was an Executive Secretary back in the late 60's -- I knew that was where the the power was before others
figured it out. I taught networking/connecting with people before all the books were written, and now I am teaching developed speaking and training on Intergenerational Communications in the Workplace -- I knew that was going to be the next hot topic....and I am right.

The issue is so complex and there is so much written on the subject it takes someone like me who loves reading this information and learning about human nature to put it in a framework that makes it easy for people to understand. I am pleased to be speaking on this subjects and enjoy watching the "ahas" --- people see how it applies to their workplace and their home.

Now I am collecting books and articles on communication between men and women. Now that there is scientific proof that our brains are different, we have to learn how to communicate in meetings. I'm enjoying collecting the data.


Set up five hanging files. Label:

1. Regular Bank Account
2. Regular Credit Card
3. Business Bank Account
4. Business Credit Card
5. Cash

As you get receipts, circle the account number, date,
and dollar amount and drop into the appropriate folder.
Makes tracking your finances so much easier.

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