Wednesday, July 09, 2008


As an executive coach, I suggest to people that when something terrific happens or a goal is reach, they should come up with some way to celebrate. Last March, my book "It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It is all about communication" was released. On March 22, I purchased my tickets to attend a dinner called "Outstanding in the Field."

The sight of the dinner was Sea Cove, six miles north of Santa Cruz, California. I went with a friend and we checked out the turnoff, and then went back to Santa Cruz and explored until 2:45 p.m. and arrived at the appointed time of 3:00 p.m.

We parked the car and then made the short walk down the path. Then there was a sense of awe. The ocean appeared, a very high cliff and at the base of the cliff were the tables set for 150 people in a horseshoe shape with white tablecloths and crystal.

At the registration desk, we were handed a glass of rose wine -- made by a local winemaster. During the next hour we mingled with the other people who we discovered were from as far away as Naples, Florida and New Jersey. Everyone had his/her own story of why they decided to come. One couple was there for the sixth time.

We were then taken to the top of the hill and a local farmer told us the story of the area and sustainable farms. All the food we would be eating was from the immediate area, including the wine .

The fisherman was proud share that the halibut we would be eating was literally caught around the corner of where we were eating. It was revealed that the cove where we were having dinner had never been open to the public. Apparently, the negotiations with the farmer who owns it were long....yet, in the end he agreed to let the artist, Jim Denevan, to use this sight.

We were escorted to our places for dinner. No words can express the feeling. In front of us was the huge stone cliff and four feet behind my chair, the ocean. We met more people, and before we knew it the first course came, hot soup. Who would've ever thought that could happen sitting on the beach. Yet, two renown chefs took up the challenge. There were four courses and four different wines--all food from the local area.

Needless to say, the conversation was fun. The atmosphere was beyond words and the food truly was outstanding. It was an amazing experience.


When I fly into an airport, I make myself some notes for future reference. Note where the airplane comes in and record the terminal. In the future, if you are changing airlines this becomes valuable information when you are scheduling a plane change. Make note which ones have tram.

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