Friday, July 04, 2008


June was a month of traveling --- training in Atlanta, San Jose and Sacramento. In addition I made a trip to Fresno to help with the development of a Leadership Training Series for the California State Department of Rehabilitation and the California Department of Behavior Mental Health.

During the time in Fresno I facilitated a meeting. I discovered that I really enjoyed facilitating groups who are working toward a common goal. What is interesting, it was a matter of using my communication tools that I teach people on a regular basis. One of those tools is watch body language and make sure people are asked for their input. Often the quietest person in the room is sitting there with a great solution. Everyone had the opportunity to share, we laughed and I had fun. Trusting more facilitation gigs will come my way.

With the California wild fires, air quality proved to be problematic. A couple of years ago, I learned to take a decongestant when I fly and use saline spray. Have to admit, I lost the battle with the air and ended up with a sinus infection for the first time in years. Amazing how that can take one down....everything seemed to be such an effort accomplish here at home. Thanks to my doctor and a prescription, I'm doing fine---as my Dad would say "I'm on the way up."


When you are ready to go on vacation, be sure to schedule some appointments for when you get back. Especially if you are self-employed, it is important for you have business connections lined up so you keep your business flowing in.

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