Monday, June 01, 2009


Turned on the computer this morning and emails started flowing in at a rapid pace. I discovered that there had been a huge influx of people signing up to follow me on Twitter. Smiling because getting followers is a good thing. As I write about 2500 people are following my tweets (140 characters—all you are allowed) which include, my “witty” comments, learnings and my adventures (if it is something unusual…and with me that is often.)

It would be easy to get sidetrack, but I am sticking to my plan that I developed before I went to bed last night.

1. Exercise – so that is swimming --- today I was there at 6:00 a.m. Like that time of morning for I have the pool to myself and reward myself with a sitting in the hot tub.

2. Took a shower and put the coffee on.

3. Read two papers….Yes, I still do and cannot imagine how I could be an Executive Coach without understanding what is going on in the world – especially the business world.

4. Made breakfast….a true believer in breakfast is important and I cannot tell you how many ways I have figured out to make different omelets…I need the protein.

5. Monday, so “Weekly Wisdom” was sent out. Love doing it and always starts my week in the positive mode of thinking. You can have your friends/colleagues sign up for it on my website It is the upper-right hand side of my website.

6. Time to get out of my jammies and return to Social Media…..Did some tweeting and answered some questions on

7. Time to write on my blog – that’s right now (10:00 a.m. now)


• Pay some bills online.
• Mail a couple of books out that people purchased.
Yes, I am pleased to say “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: It’s all about Communication” is selling well and long ago turned in the black on self-publishing.
• Prepare some books to be sent out for marketing purposes.
• Go back to LinkedIn and answer some more questions in the Groups.
• Send some comments/resources to fellow Tweeps (People who use Twitter)
• Work on seminar for Leadership Training Series on Beliefs and Values.
• Make a couple of appointments for coffee with people one-on-one...
• Finish car/hotel reservations for mid-June trip to Palm Springs and Bakersfield, CA.
• Make some phone calls to people who least expect it – time to connect.

Finally, expect the unexpected…..never know when the great phone call or email comes suggesting I am the perfect person for them to speak/training for their association or company.

By the way, this is a very rare thing for me to be working in my home all day without any outside appointments.


If you want some tips on how to do Layoffs, you might want to read the article in The Columbian on Sunday where I was quoted extensively.

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