Friday, June 26, 2009


Got my coffee this morning and turned on my computer. Overnight approximately 35 people started following me on Twitter. We tend to forget while we sleep the rest of the world is wide-awake and in the middle of its’ workday. Sometime during their day, people discovered me, checked out some of my tweets, and decided they wanted to follow me.

I check them out and make a decision to follow them or ignore the request. I choose not to follow people who do not have a picture, a profile or tweets that are just used to sell their product. My view Twitter is a place where you share your insights and retweet followers who have great links to interesting blogs and newsletters.

Since I am supposed to be writing the first thing in the morning, I questioned myself about whether or not I am making good use of my important asset….time. Smiling for obviously Twitter has given me a subject to write about. Twitter has caught the attention of millions of people.

Is it worth my time? My answer is yes.

Just this week I did a radio interview because Twitter follower Radio Suzy mentioned they would like me to discuss communication on their evening show. Turned out to be a great conversation about the use of simple words.

Twitter has provided me with book recommendations, blogs that have great information on communication and, believe it not, I am developing real relationships. Last week I picked up the phone and talked to a couple of acquaintances that I seemed to be connecting with through our tweets. The calls turned out to be delightful—glad I took the time.

Yes, I am hooked.


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