Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last night over dinner, we were discussing my recent visit to Palm Springs. I’ve been there three times in the last year and one-half. Two times taking care of my friend, Gary Galland, who has subsequently passed on from a brain tumor at the age of 53.

This trip was different; I was visiting his widow, Kim Galland. Since she was working when I arrived, I walked into the house that I had spent so many hours caring for Gary. Furniture had been rearranged and the quiet was practically more than I could bear.

I called the next-door neighbor who was part of my life while I was there on my other trips. She came over and soon the pain/hurt started to go away. It was apparent to me life in Palm Springs had moved on.

Kim came home and we talked, shared some tears, got that over with, and then planned for the party we had both agreed to the following afternoon. We had come up with guest list of the people that had come in and out during the times I was there – much to my great pleasure, every one of them accepted our invitation.

Sunday afternoon people started arriving. The smiles and the hugs were great fun. Conversations started out on the patio around the pool, around the breakfast bar in the living room. There was constant movement of people--it seemed as if we wanted to make sure we had time to talk to everyone there. Relaxed and easy can best describe the party. Perfect in every way.

Party was over and then Kim and I decided who we wanted to spend our time with during the next two short days I would be there. Each occasion was marked by easy conversation, genuine interest in each other and memorable moments. Like amazing fish tacos at ShanghaiReds, and relaxing setting for an afternoon at Café Koffi

Meet one of my new, friends--- A Bull Dog who is rated the fifth most outstanding Bull Dog in the nation. His ranking had not gone to head—he was one of the friendliest dogs I have ever met.

I drove out of town and headed to the site of the Leadership Trainer I was providing in Bakersfield, California. The day was beautiful and I smiled as I thought about the last four days.

During dinner last night, I told my friends how much I liked Palm Springs. All three of them were in disagreement with me—they found the city too pretentious and really couldn’t imagine living there .They were not even excited about visiting Palm Springs.

When I drove home last night, I thought to myself “I am blessed with some authentic friends in Palms Springs, who believe in living in the present.” They are risk takers and they do not take anything for grant it. “ Just my kind of people. Looking forward to going back as soon as I can arrange it.


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  1. wherever you go there is joy. I too love Palm Springs and I'm sure you attract people who are authentic. Hope to see you in PS too!

  2. So when are you going to come and visit?