Tuesday, June 30, 2009


During the week, I was pouring it on for my career. I was getting tired, yet, I knew that on Sunday I would be taking a friend of mine to Mt. Hood for the very first time. Love that mountain. I make the trek there at least once each summer. It is about a two-hour drive from my home.

She arrived at my house and we set off with a clouded sky. Crossed over into Oregon and we took Highway 26 East. This route is filled with interesting little shops. As you get nearer the mountain, ski rental shops become commonplace. Chalets and tiny restaurants are tucked in under the trees that are growing in height and density. You truly feel like you are getting away.

First stop was The Resort of the Mountain in Welches, Oregon. http://www.theresort.com This turned out to be special stop for I was surprised to see the hotel had received an upgrade. Gone was the Scottish decor. Now it was contemporary in every way. We mistook the entrance of the restaurant for a spa – candles burning, flowers…nice.

We had brunch here and it was plenty—one of those places that you decide you are going to throw any diet or watching what you eat to the wind. We’re glad we did.

I showed her Government Camp – the last real sense of civilization before you head up the road to the actual mountain. No room for the terrific Huckleberry shake from the Huckleberry Inn http://www.huckleberry-inn.comNext time.

As we approached the mountain we looked up and there was not a cloud in the sky—perfect day to show off Timberline Lodge http://www.timberlinelodge.com It was dedicated by President Roosevelt in 1937. The building has painstakingly been restored. You feel like you are walking back into time for it contains the original art. You actually sit on the chairs that were crafted so many years ago specifically for this building.

Snow is still right up to the big window that provides the perfect place to view snowboarders practicing their craft. Yes, there is still lots of snow. Mt. Hood is known for summer camps –people were in their full ski gear and sunglasses…truly a sight to see.

I am on the left with my friend, Molly.

We explored the Lodge and then headed down to one of my special places. Long ago, I went on a tour following the Oregon trail with experts on the subject. The picture below shows me at place where the wagon trains went through. Over the years, the ruts are starting to disappear. Note the huge tree that, apparently, they cut down for it spread too far into their pathway. If only those trees could speak.

We ended the day in Hood River-the wonderful town on the Columbia River. This city deserves its own blog – more on that another time.

Yes, came home refreshed. Now, my friend Molly, knows more about the mountain we can see from our community. I’m betting she’ll be going back and sharing it with her friends too.


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