Thursday, June 11, 2009


Because I am considered an expert on networking, I am often asked, “What do you think of SendOutCards?” No, let me rephrase that – People raise their hands and say, “I use SendOutCards and send them out all the time even birthday cards to my clients children”.

My only recourse is to smile and say good for you keeping in touch with your clients. The conclusion I have come to is that if you are not good at using handwritten notes appropriately, you might have some real challenges making a good impression with these cards.

My belief is one of the reasons people are so excited about this system is that they see as it a way to make some extra money. They are becoming associates and each person they get hooked on this system becomes part of their multi-market down line network. I have been offered so many free trials I would have enough to use the system for the next year free.

With that being said, here’s my take:


I have to say I probably got a bit jaded on them because of the first one I received. It was printed upside down….clearly not the way to make a good first impression.

The next card I received had his contact card (formerly called business card) printed on the top half. No way, I could file that card or pass it on.

After years of appreciating the handwritten notes (saving every one of them), my mailbox is inundated with glossy cards and nice comments, and verses fit for a Hallmark card. Personally, I want those kinds of verses coming from my family and close friends.

The other day I wanted to email one of the people who sent me the card an article that I thought she would enjoy. I looked for her email….no email address.

Funny, the “handwritten address” is always the same…hmmmm.

For years, I have strongly suggesting people send handwritten notes…they will help build relationships. It is just sad to me people think these cards are accomplishing the same thing. I am convinced others will get tired of them and think, “Oh, here’s another one of those cards”. Then it will promptly be thrown away.

I was considering developing a class to teach people how to use these cards effectively. However, frankly, my belief is that is a short-lived fad. I am going to devote my time to other pursuits.

Right now I need close and send a handwritten note to a new friend that I had dinner with last night—she’s a real joy in my life for she stretches me in my career. She needs to hear that from me in the form of a handwritten note—not something constructed by my computer.


You have heard it before, yet, since I just learned how well it works, I thought I would remind you. Before you close down your home office at night, put everything on it in its’ home. The next morning your desk is clear.

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  1. I too prefer a handwritten note. There is something about the personal touch that makes the card meaningful. It took more than the click of a button to send.