Thursday, July 09, 2009


When I “tried” to shove still one more piece of wrapping paper in my hallway closet and things fell to the floor, the decision was made. The Fourth of July weekend would give me time to work on getting rid of “stuff”.

I pulled everything out of the closet and gingerly walked around the “stuff” as I either found new places for it or put it in a bag to be taken to a deserving non-profit for resale. My criterion for keeping it was:

Is it useful? (Pewter candleholders are always handy)

Does it bring me joy? (A knickknack that my daughter bought me Europe that always makes me smile)

Does it have special memories? (A potholder my Mom crocheted)

The bag of “stuff” grew and all of sudden everything had a home in that part of the closet.

Next, it was time to tackle the coats, scarves, gloves, and mittens. Yes, there were a few tears because there were two hats, scarves and a pair of mittens that had been knitted by Mom who is no longer here on earth. They have always been the ones I reach for when I go to the mountains or to the ocean in the fall. They have their own special shelf. let’s see. Started with my favorite ones those were actually in the back of the closet. Since I lost 20 pounds, they were now too big, yet no less appreciated by me for their uniqueness. Made the decision that they had to go – no point in keeping them AND I wasn’t about to gain weight just so I could wear them again.

Last but not least was the floor that contained an array of my father’s tools, nails, and screws. Gee, I have no idea of how they got all mixed up and strewn all over the place  With each tool I picked up I remembered my Dad using it for a particular purpose. Special memories.

Today I have put together a gift bag for a door prize. Smiling for I know right where to go to for the wrapping paper and ribbons.


When going into a one-on-one meeting, ask yourself, “How can I make this meeting a win/win/win?”

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