Friday, July 10, 2009


In 1994, I had an office in my home. It was a time when it was not “cool” to be working at home. People would go to great lengths not to let people know they were working out of their home.

Looking back, it is interesting the main reason I avoided having a “real office” was that I found I got awfully tired of the same space each day. I need a huge amount of variety in my life. Even when I worked in an office, I would find ways to hold meetings in cafes or outside around the outdoor water fountain in front of the office building. Just give me a change of environment.

The other night I was at a networking event and a woman quietly said, “I work out of my home”. I was standing with another woman and we both said “Good for you”. Immediately she had a big smile. Staying home working was new to her and she hadn’t gotten over the old norms that made it one feel like it is something to hide.

Let’s look at the negatives and positives of a home office.


You know your work is as close as the next room.
You probably lost a guest room.


Your know your work is as close as the next room.
No commute time.
Room is tax deductible.
No overhead costs – even cable only requires an extension.
Phones – Use your cell phone or get a phone with three extensions.
You records are always handy.
Schedule meetings together at your favorite restaurant or café.

Now I would go kicking and screaming if someone told me I had to stay in the same office. Recently I changed the artwork in my office an added a great rug. Easy to do when I have all my “stuff” in the same location.


If you need your office organized, here’s the person to get in touch with: Brandie Kajino

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  2. I completely agree. I think the "stigma" of working from home is changing. Technology has finally caught up to support earning a living from home, and it's now more common place than people know!