Thursday, July 30, 2009


Each Sunday or early Monday morning, I sit down at my computer and organize myself to find the “right” quote that I want to send out. The selected quote triggers a little discussion in my mind, which in turn becomes no more than four and one-half lines about “why” I thought the particular quote relative. Then the paragraph is followed by a question that is written to make you think about your week ahead.

Much to my surprise, I discovered I have been sending it out every week for the last seven years. It has never been a chore and find that between keeping my eyes and ears open for information to dispense on Twitter and my weekly ezine I find that I keep much more alert to things that are happening around me.

The distribution list is growing and all people on the list have opted in to receive it. If people unsubscribe, the comment usually is something like “I’m just too overwhelm with email.” I smile, for Weekly Wisdom is so short it takes no time to read, but it was a good way for people to let me down easy when they really mean it wasn’t serving them. Rarely, do I get these unsubscribe messages.

This blog was triggered by two emails I got yesterday. One woman wrote to tell me where she had met me and said, “I signed up for Weekly Wisdom then and I am so glad I did. Keep up the good work.”

The second email said, “Kathy, I am changing jobs and I want to be sure I continue to get Weekly Wisdom, would you change my address? It is so helpful to me and really puts me in a positive frame of mind as I start my week.”

Needless to say, I was smiling as I read them. Weekly Wisdom keeps me connected to people that I have met as I keep developing my wonderful life that is filled with adventure and growth.
Next week, I am heading to Palm Springs for an extended period of time to use my networking skills to raise funds to help bring back the Rodeo to Palm Springs after 40 years.

Weekly Wisdom will continue to arrive in your email no later than Monday morning.

I will have a new blog, in addition to this one, on my journey to raising funds in Palm Springs….I will let you know when that is up and running.

If you are not presently a subscriber to Weekly Wisdom, please do sign up The box is in the upper-right hand corner of my home page.

Do send me comments about your reaction to any given Weekly Wisdom—love to get your comments.


Stretch yourself by going to visit an industry that you know very little about. You will be amazed at the how a different environment might stretch your thinking.


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Every week your blog is one of the first things I read on the computer. You will be missed in Vancouver.

    I assume or remember? you are caretaking someone and hope the experience is a positive one. It is never an easy thing to do. Good luck.

    Sue (Fowells)

  2. Sue, I am back in Palm Springs, only this time helping to revive the Rodeo here after 22 hrs. You know how I always liked new projects and this one is helping me use my networking skills to the hilt....lots of new stories to illustrate my networking points.

    Thanks for the kind words..