Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Recently, I sent a woman I hadn’t seen in a couple of years and whom I admire, a note congratulating her on her outstanding professional achievement. It was no brainer for me to write the note since anyone in the professional world knows receiving accolades from your own industry is truly an honor.

Two days later, I got a call from her. “Kathy, been wanting to connect with you, let’s have lunch.” We set the date and I looked forward to it – we always have had stimulating conversations.

I had read that the particularly restaurant, where we were going to have lunch, was accepting books for donations for our local library foundation, so I went through my own library. Found three books that I was ready to let go. (Not an easy task for me.) As I entered the restaurant, I gave the books to the manager. What was great, is that he sincerely seemed pleased I had made the effort….it was a feel good moment.

My friend, Jan, arrived and the next hour and half was full of catching up, business, and truly connecting. We gave each other suggestions and ideas flourished.

It takes such a short amount of time to write a handwritten note. Yet, the rewards are far reaching.

What do you think? Do you have someone you would like to write a note that is important in your life?


It is never too late to send someone you know a handwritten note. It is appreciated more than you will ever understand.


  1. Great story Kathy. In this automated society we live in where electronic communication seems to be the norm, I think we forget about the value of a personal handwritten note. I just received one in the mail from someone I met for coffee and it had an impact on me.
    Tony Ciotti ~ http://TonyCiotti.com

  2. You hit me Kathy. I forget to do the hand written note, nothing more gratifying I know.
    Thanks for your insights here.


  3. Glad this blog was a good reminder to people. It is amazing how much value a handwritten note has to the receiver.....and once again, let me say, it is great fun sending them out.